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Feb. 1st, 2007

Hello again!

46 million abortions a year!?! That is all I am going to say! Dead Babies People Dead Babies! 46 million Dead Babies! Tears anyone? Or did you just go back out and take a pill and keep having sex!!????!!! Did you learn anything? Your hurt right? Okay your hurt, but are you still fornicating and being adulterous? That's all said! Have a great day!
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Wuz up?

Women are weird! I will never understand how married women can want to watch women and men having sex!?! I am married and I don't want see nobody booty in my face! I just can't imagine having to turn to other resources to get...... you know! It sickens me! Do they realize that the person on the t.v. is turning them on and not their partner? Can that be cheating, I mean you are getting turned on by someone else!?! Oh my and they wonder why women can't keep their eyes to themselves and their own man in public, their used to looking at other men! I won't even get started on men! And MY WORD if I see another got dawg on, lady cartoon with her chest hanging out, I mean I see enough in real life I don't need to see a cartoon as well! Why? I am young and hip and I don't need this jargen to make me smile!!!! I have to vent this because it is pissing me off! Nasty @#$ and women wonder why men think they are just s#x toys!?! Look at them all over the place! 75% percent of the women in America have been sexually abused and you know what they continue to tell them? Oh, you can still look "sexy" and wear "sexy" clothes, don't cover up your body and keep it only for your husband, just show it all and keeping inviting men to look at you! Thank You!
Oh and if another women says "Its not my fault men look at me!" Yes it is YOU pick out your clothes and YOU can choose modest or skanky! Grown women can't even take responsibility for their actions! At least then when a man looks at you, you can say you honestly didn't contribute to him lusting after you and fornicating in his mind! Come on Common Sense kick in NOW not LATER!
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Jan. 30th, 2007

Candlelite? Mia Bella? No Sella?

I want to sell candles!?! But, I don't want to sell candles!?! Get it? I love candles and body stuff but I can't use any of it becuase of horse things and such.(ha ha but true)I want to do something I love. (ok like) And I want it to be candles and bath products. Oh the things I could do!

Jan. 28th, 2007

Candles Candles Candles!

I want to make candles! I love them and I love soap! I want open a soap and candle shop! In my dreams right? I don't know! I think I could do this! I already have this company in mind that makes candles and I have the soap in mind that I want to sell but I don't know where to begin! Maybe I'll start a online store (duh!) I don't want a real store store, just a place people can go to look at my product. I want to do this so bad I could scream! AHHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWW! Oh My Word that felt great!

Jan. 23rd, 2007

Question of the century!!!!!

Why Oh! Why! I don't celebrate birthdays right? SO, why in the world do people say "Oh Uh even though you celebrate birthdays..... BIRTHDAY ANYWAY!" Shut the $%#@ up! (heck) It urkes me to no end! Is some kind of American Law that says you must celebrate holidays and birthdays or you are just plain weird? If so then someone please bring me that law! People! People! People! Get with the program! Lots of people are DIFFERENT..... oooohhhhh I said the big word! But, for real people are different and not everyone has the same religion or way of life as someone else(those two things are very different) and it needs to be okay. No one needs to ask "Why, are you a Jehovahs Witness?" No! I am not and I don't appreciate anyone asking why I don't celebrate something like it is The Law of the Land!

Maybe I have the slowest family in the world but, after telling them all of a hundred times I don't celebrate birthdays, mine or anyone elses, they say "What you getting me for my birthday?" then when I say "I don't blah blah blah...." they say " Did you get so and so a birthday present?" I am gone for a loop on this one! Anyone someone please tell me why!

Oh Yeah, remember that client that dropped off the face of the Earth? Well, she text messaged me ( I am still in awe that she did that) and said she had a new job and was going to call me tonight. What the whohah? I am gone in my loop!!!

People please pick up some common sense from the grocery store and I think it is on sale for 99 cents a pop! Get while you now because from what I see it won't be there for long, lots need it!

Jan. 21st, 2007

Night Night World!

I am so tired and have no idea why! I still have to cook dinner! But, anyways tomorrow starts my work week and I have to get moving. I have tons to do by tuesday! I would like to say I'm booked solid! I have to make calls and talk all day to people who need some insurance. I am not ready! Can I have some coffee? We actually ran out of that stuff. Oh yeah and I have to spend 2 hours at Wal-Mart and Sams, I don't know other women do it but they do and I applaud them. I just want to curl into bed and sleep the day away. I need a assistant to assist me in living! I am too lazy (yes I have admitted it) but not too lazy to make some mula! At least that's what I say know anyway!
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Jan. 19th, 2007

Oh Yeah! Oh Yeah! Oh Yeah! Oh Yeah!

I have new found confidence! I have listened to an awesome conference call that really gave me the swift kick in the $#@%!(butt) HaHa! wonder what you thought it said!?
N*E* Wayz In the call they were giving us brokers (IBOs) the confidence to get it in gear and make this a successful year. I really needed that after a having a client go cold turkey on me.
Guess what? I got a new lead(not a paid lead,just a woman who is interested in working from home)she already has a plan, she told me the days she wanted to work and all. I don't think she watched the dvd all the way!?! I told her it was a business that would belong to her, so she would make her own hours and to finish watching the dvd and call me back tomorrow.

What I did wrong:
I am supposed to set the appointment to call them back not vice versa!I didn't even give a time! OWEEE VAY!
( I am pretty sure I will learn to follow the rules one day)

Now I have to wait all day for the call and ponder for at least two hours whether or not she wants to sign and should I call her back.
I know I know CALL HER BACK NO MATTER WHAT (words of the upline)
But see, I'm the type of person who just doesn't like to rush people but, as I was told you have to give people a limit and tell them to get with the business or move on. Or else they will have you waiting forever and a month for them to sign b/c you wanted to be Mrs. NIcey Pants. (venting yes, I sure am venting)

smile: I am ready to hit the ground running the only problem I have is finding some cute sneakers! (never walk outside without shoes on if you want to avoid hookworms and who knows what else)

Jan. 18th, 2007

What can I do?

I like working for Ameriplan USA. It is a great company with really nice people. The pay is great and I get bonuses. BUT, it takes work haveing a business and you have to deal with some really strange,beat around the bush type people. I hate that part. I talked to this one client for all of 2 weeks and she just up and dropped off the face of the earth! If she didn't want to sign up she could have told me and I would have been pefectly fine with that. She of course is the one missing out on a great business oppurtunity! I think I am going to try a new strategy and call people to make appointments. That way I can already know if they are interested and if they are wanting to sign up and make money. I had someone from another company do this to me, she called and asked me when would I be available, then she called at the appointed time and we talked. But, she told me before she called back that she wanted to make sure that I was interested so, we wouldn't be wasting each others time. I guess maybe someone in this company has already told me to do this but of course I had to do my own thing and now that I have done my own thing I am ready to try their way.

Always Learning the Hard Way!! But at least I learned something:)

Jan. 14th, 2007

Oh My Word!

I never knew people were so mean! I was on a board and people were talking about immigration and such and they actually told this lady that her children didn't deserve a dad and things like that. These are soccer moms and such, you would never think they would be so mean to some people. They actually spend their day trying to scare people! (on the computer I must say):( We all need to take a look at this country and really ask ourselves how can it go on like this? People actually agreeing with the killing of billions of innocent blood, just as long as its not their own! My word! OOOOPPPPSSS! I forgot abortion! Scratch that- agree with the killing of billions of innocent blood.

Jan. 13th, 2007

Okay! Okay! Okay!

Okay! Now I have a new partner who has decided to join me in my journey with Ameriplan USA. They have decided to get me leads and sell the health care. All I have to do is be kind of like a secretary and close the deals. I am loving this idea. (lazy?) (oh,but of course not!) Wonder how long they will stick with it and help me out? It was their idea and they are really amped about it so of course I say go full force! Make my Money! (we are related so the money will come to the same house and go in the same bank account, I'm not taking advantage of anyone!) ;) ! Well I'm going to learn now so, Peace in the Middle East! Not likely! (LMAO)

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